Ben Maggs

20th April 2018

Ben played at The Tree House Bookshop in Kenilworth about 18 months ago and host Victoria told us that he was a big hit with her loyal audience. So we’ve been trying to fix up a date ever since then and finally we did it. It was a glorious sunny day…after the dreariest of springs…and as soon as Ben arrived to set up we knew it was going to be a good night.

We had lots of our regulars for the concert but also a number of Ben’s own followers who helped make it a sell out concert. It meant there was a fantastic atmosphere.

Fabulous food as ever from Bev and sister Georgie. They’d made up the recipe and hadn’t named it yet…it tasted even better than it looked.


After such a long, dreary winter and early spring we were blessed with a burst of warmth and sunshine so many people made the most of it and ate outside in Ant’s beautiful courtyard garden.


Ben had set up and sound checked in the afternoon and sounded great. We discovered that he studied Philosophy at Warwick back in the day…which explains why he’s such a thinker.


Ben performed songs from both his albums and a few newer ones too. His voice sends tingles down your spine and his guitar work is beautiful. He added texture to a number of songs by using loops of his own voice and guitar to create a warm, full sound.


(Thanks to Russ Inman for this lovely photo of Ben in full flight).

Two or was it three encores and we eventually let him go.

If you fancy seeing him again or want to keep up with any future CD releases then he has a really good website which you can find here.


Jody Kruskal

Friday 24th November 2017

Simon met Jody when he needed somewhere to stay whilst performing at a folk festival in New York several years ago. They’ve remained friends ever since and although Jody has been touring England every November for several years now we’ve somehow never managed to find a date that’s worked for both of us. We went to see Jody play in Warwick last November and finally nailed a date.


Jody plays a number of different concertinas and sings songs from the US that have often been adapted and had the words changed as they have been passed between performers. He’s very engaging and really brings the stories alive.

“[Jody] really swings. You’ve got to be a truly great…concertina player to….get music like that out of the squeezebox. Great stuff” – Mike Harding

If you only see one concertina player this year, make sure it’s Jody Kruskal.

Tickets are just £10 and as always include one of Bev’s delicious suppers. You can buy tickets at Ettington Stores or via here. Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and a glass to drink it from. It’ll be a great night.

You can find out more about Jody here.

Gerry Colvin

Gerry Colvin and his band

Friday 13th October 2017


Gerry Colvin is less a musician and more a force of nature. He has made some great recordings over the years as The Man Upstairs, Terry and Gerry, Colvin Quarmby and as his namesake…but there is nothing like experiencing Gerry live. He always surrounds himself with a gang of wonderful musicians…has decades worth of fantastic songs to choose from…but best of all he throws himself into every performance. There are happy songs, sad songs, political songs and songs about sheds but in between Gerry will have you laughing and smiling with his irreverent humour and lovely heartfelt stories. No one goes to see Gerry Colvin once. We promise you that after tonight you’ll want more!

Read more about Gerry here.


Well that was another fabulous evening. Maybe all string quartets develop the sort of chemistry that Methera have but as someone who hasn’t seen many other quartets it feels like there is definitely something special about the way Methera watch each other, move and play.

Simon (mostly) lugged 8 of the stage blocks over from the Community Centre so we had a proper raised stage for them to sit on. They brought their own fairy lights and the scene was beautifully set.



As usual each of the band members took it in turns to tell us about the pieces they were about to play and at the end of each trio of tunes all four members would stand up and move round a place. We had a varied set, from traditional tunes, Swedish tunes, flute pieces transcribed for strings, band compositions and reinterpretations of old tunes.

The curry made by absentee chef Bev was delicious and the brownies in the interval were lovely and bountiful.

All in all another fantastic house concert.

We’re delighted to welcome Methera back for their third visit to Ryepiece Barn on Friday March 17th. Methera are four individually wonderful musicians who come together all too rarely to create something truly magical. They sit in tight circle watching each other’s every move and spark of each other’s playing to take the string quartet into a whole new place.

If you’ve not seem them before then here they are performing at a house concert last year:

Since they were last with us they’ve recorded a new album – Vortex – which has had great reviews.

fRoots magazine said:

Never a dull tune, never repetitive, constantly interesting and most melodious, Methera is to be celebrated in both folk and classical music worlds.

While Songlines was even more gushing:

The invention and interplay throughout is breathtaking, and sets Methera beside the very best instrumental groups of the decade.

The quartet are:

Lucy Deakin * Cello

John Dipper * Fiddle

Emma Reid * Fiddle

Miranda Rutter * Viola

Tickets are £12 and as always include one of Bev’s delicious suppers. You can buy tickets at Ettington Stores or via here. Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and a glass to drink it from. It’ll be a great night.


Friday 10th February was the first concert of the year and it started quietly with the whispered hello of Barney Morse-Brown who is (currently) Duotone. Barney is a classically trained cellist who writes his own songs and then weaves them into beautiful soundscapes with guitar, cello, his lovely voice, hand claps and electronics.

Our audience likes to connect with artists and find out more about the music and the performer. So even the normally very quiet Barney was drawn into fascinating stories of touring in Berlin, his milliner father, his tiny white caravan and beards.

The music gradually drew everyone in and the belting version of ‘Greetings Hello’ that closed the first set took everyone by surprise and  created a real buzz.

Barney is working on new material inspired by the work of an artist (who’s name I can’t remember!) who has in tern been slightly obsessed with a a Scottish sheep farmer (the subject of James Rebanks’ book ‘The Shepherd’s Life’). This wonderful new piece ‘Martha’ is the first fruits of this new material which will be out on an EP soon.

Duotone are appearing at interesting venues across the land and you can find out more on the website here and on twitter here.

James Reynolds

On Friday 11th November we were delighted to welcome pianist, composer, song writer and all round renaissance man James Reynolds.


James writes music for all sorts of settings from TV soundtracks, to advertisements for the likes of Crisis and for use in plays and various other dramatic productions. He’s also somehow found time to record two albums full of beautiful Erik Satie-esque piano pieces.

There was lots of discussion about what James should play and sing for us in November. We hoped we’d come up with a programme that would have something for everyone….piano pieces, folk songs for guitar and voice and then something very special to finish off the evening……with the Queensgate Quartet emerging from the audience to sing some incredibly varied acapella songs.

You can hear lots of James’ music on his website here or on his Soundcloud page here.

This piece, called Butterfly, was featured in an episode of the tv drama Poirot.

This is a piece called Life in Slow Motion that was used in a video promoting an arts project backed by Crisis.


Doors open at 7.15pm with plenty of time for you to enjoy a lovely supper (by inhouse chef Bev Faulkner-Gant) before the music starts at 8.00pm.

Tickets are available from Ettington Stores or by emailing us to reserve at . As usual they are just £10 including supper.

You can even get tickets online now from WeGotTickets. Pay online, print off your ticket and bring it along on the night. 5 people did it for the Fleetwood Cave concert….worked a treat. Just follow this link.

NB It really helps with catering if we know a few days in advance how many are coming along.  

Fleetwood Cave

On Friday 7th October we welcomed this mini folk supergroup to Ryepiece Barn.

Fleetwood Cave 2

We were treated to an evening of beautiful songs and incredible playing. Marion and Gregg both play guitar and sing – and their voices blend perfectly together. Marion also plays a mean fiddle. Whether you missed the concert and want to catch up….or loved it and want to relive some of Marion’s wicked humour….you’ll love these videos from the night.

They’ve just finished recording their debut album ‘People Like Us‘ and songs from the album featured prominently at the concert. (The album won’t be out till just before Christmas and will then be followed by an extensive Spring tour)