Methera new album and tour


This four piece string ensemble have played in Ettington twice – once on their own and once with Swedish storyteller Mats Rehnman. The band live in three different countries so don’t get to tour very often and record even less. They have just finished a new album – ‘Vortex’ – to mark their 10th anniversary. It’s out on November 4th and can be purchased via the band’s website or in due course their Bandcamp page.

They recorded the album at a barn in Suffolk. Does it look somehow familiar?!


Stuart McCallum’s latest musical adventure

Guitarist Stuart played here in March with Mike Walker. He’s been busy since we saw him. Not only has he recorded his second album of instrumental material with Mike; he’s also completed the first album ‘Carry Your Kin‘ with his new band The Breath. It features an impressive array of musicians: Rioghnach Connolly (vocals), John Ellis (piano) and Luke Flowers (drums).

The album was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios near Bath and is a magical blend of folk, jazz and electronics with a lovely Cinematic Orchestra vibe just below the surface. It must have been amazing recording the album in such a great studio. I found a couple of shots (via the Bowers & Wilkins sound site).

The Breath 2

The Breath recording

Stuart and Mike second album is in the can

Jazz guitarists Stuart and Mike who joined us in March recently went into Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio near Bath to record their second album and follow up to ‘Beholden’. The album is said to be a corker and comes out on Edition Records in the Autumn.

Here are a couple of pictures of them hard at work.


New album from Methera?

String quartet Methera have joined us twice. Once on their own and once with Mats Rehnman as Strange Lovers. Well in April they were recording material for a new album. At first glance the location looked just like Ryepiece Barn! The album will be out in the Autumn. It would be nice to get them back again to perform some of the new pieces live for us.

Methera recording 2

Methera recording