Past Concerts

Here’s a list of all the people who have played at Ryepiece Barn….we think! We haven’t kept a very accurate record so if there is someone else you remember seeing play then please let us know.

If you have any photos of video of any of the concerts we’d love to see those too.

Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews

Friday 22nd September 2017


Wow! Well that was a very special night. The Pipe Piano has never sounded so good and having not one but two pianists tinkling its ivories at the same time was something most of us had never seen before. Thank you to Lynn and Charles for sharing a whole new experience with a packed Ryepiece Barn.

Read more about Lynn here.

Mystery duo

Friday 5th May 2017


Well our clandestine, guerrilla gig lived up to our expectations.

Two scruffy looking musicians, neither of whom will see 40 again, who sit still all evening talking and playing a few songs. I know, I know it doesn’t sound that great but they really are very talented musicians, one has a fabulous singing voice and perhaps most surprisingly of all they are extremely funny.

Last year you’d have paid serious money to see one of them in a sort of folk super group at Glastonbury. We got to sit just a few feet away from them in the lovely Ryepiece Barn and have a blast of an evening.

It was a big ask to expect people to buy tickets for a concert where we couldn’t even tell you the name of the act but you turned out in droves…our biggest so far I think…and everyone left with a smile on their face.


Friday 17th March 2017

‘Never go back’ they say. But Methera were every bit as wonderful this time as they were when they were the first time they played for us in 2013. With a central stage this time everyone had a great view and the sound could drift through Ryepiece Barn more easily. The fairy lights around the stage were a nice touch. Apologies (as usual) for the picture quality but this will give you some sense of what you missed.

To keep track of future album releases or live date check out Methera’s website here  or follow them on twitter here.


Friday 10th February 2017

Anyone who has seen Duotone play will agree with The Observer when they described him as ‘a hidden gem’. Duotone is the alias of songwriter Barney Morse-Brown, cellist with multi-platinum artist Birdy and BBC Folk Award winners the Imagined Village, Chris Wood, Eliza Carthy and Jackie Oates. We’ve been following Barney for a while and it was fantastic to have him share his unique sound in our lovely intimate space.


Here’s Barney performing a song he wrote for a friend’s wedding. There’s a spot of tuning up and then a really beautiful song.

There are three Duotone albums available on Spotify, iTunes or from Barney’s own website. He has a new EP out soon and will be touring extensively this year so do try and catch him again.

Read more about Duotone here.

James Reynolds and the Queensgate Quartet

Friday 11th November 2016

Our final concert of the year was a sell out. The Barn was looking better than ever and despite not feeling her best, Bev still produced a wonderful curry for 60 people.

We had some of James’ beautiful compositions for piano and Shakespearean folk songs in an extended first half.

After the break we had a special treat as Chris, James and George joined James to form the Queensgate Quartet and performed a delightful set of tight SATB harmonies.

Keep up to date with James and his friends musical adventures on his website here.

Fleetwood Cave

Friday 7th October 2016

What a night that was! Fantastic music and so much laughter too.

Marion and Gregg have been busy recording their first album. To keep up with when it’s released and their Spring tour check out their website here.

The Foregate Street Blues Band

Friday 6th May 2016


The Foregate Blues band – play some great blues tunes – many written by David himself. We managed to get all the band members to tell us a bit about the blues and where the songs come from. There were copies of their latest CD ‘Shades of Blues’ to buy and the sun shone too. A great night.

Follow the guys on Facebook here.

Lynn Arnold and friends

Friday 22nd April 2016

Best one

Our first classical concert was a blinder. Lynn on the house piano with Matthias and Peter on their treasured violas. We think we managed to capture some of the concert on a half decent video camera so we’ll upload that later if it’s worked.

If you’d like to see more of Lynn and her varied musical friends then keep an eye on Lynn’s website here.

Stuart McCallum and Mike Walker

Friday 18th March 2016


Lots more information about Stuart’s other projects here. Mike’s band The Impossible Gentlemen has gig and album information here.  Stuart and Mike are about to record their second CD together. We’ll post a link to that as soon as we have it.

Will Pound and Henry Webster

Friday 24th April 2015


Check out Will’s website here.

James Cottriall

Friday 6th March 2014


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Strange Lovers – Methera and Mats Rehnman

Thursday 3rd July 2014


Latest news about Strange Lovers can be found here.

Eileen McGann and David K

Friday 9th May 2014


Find out what Eileen and David did next here.


Thursday 11th April 2013

You can find the Methera website here.

Belshazzar’s Feast

Anyone remember the date of this? Summer judging by the clothes being warn but what year?! Lovely photo by Rosy Burke. Thanks Rosy.



Keep up with the ever busy Belshazzar’s Feast here.

Tania Opland and Mike Freeman

Saturday 4th October 2008

Catch up with Tania and Mike here.


Anyone remember when this was or have any photos?

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Mary Flower and special guest David Bristow

Friday 29th June 2007

Dave Bristow

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