Forthcoming Concerts

We’ve got lots of great acts coming to bring some magic to Friday nights in our little corner of the world. (In fact since we launched the website and twitter feed we’ve been approached by all sorts of artists and bands who’d like to come and play.)

Here’s what we already have lined up for you:


Gerry Colvin and his band

Friday 13th October 2017


Gerry Colvin is less a musician and more a force of nature. He has made some great recordings over the years as The Man Upstairs, Terry and Gerry, Colvin Quarmby and as his namesake…but there is nothing like experiencing Gerry live. He always surrounds himself with a gang of wonderful musicians…has decades worth of fantastic songs to choose from…but best of all he throws himself into every performance. There are happy songs, sad songs, political songs and songs about sheds but in between Gerry will have you laughing and smiling with his irreverent humour and lovely heartfelt stories. No one goes to see Gerry Colvin once. We promise you that after tonight you’ll want more!

Read more about Gerry here.

Jody Krusal

Friday 24th November 2017


No one plays the concertina quite like Jody Kruskal. He’s been touring the UK (from his native New York) every November for years and we had to be quick to bag him for this concert. Jody is an engaging presence, sharing the stories behind the songs he performs and amazing audiences with the richness of sound that he can produce from his collection of anglo concertinas.

Read more about Jody here.

Ben Maggs

Friday 20th April 2018

Ben Maggs

We’ve been trying to find a mutually suitable date for Ben to join us for quite a while but it’s not been easy as he is such a busy chap. His voice is pretty special – it has a spine-tingling Jeff Buckley quality. He played at Tree House Bookshop earlier this year and they said it was their best concert yet. He is a singer songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve. We think he will be perfect for Ryepiece.

Read more about Ben here.